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Powerful software for generating content using the power of artificial intelligence and innovative content extraction tools. Your all-in-one content generation solution for all your marketing needs!

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Software Installation

Video 1 - Install on a windows PC computer

Video 2 - Install on a Mac computer


Video 3 - Generating scripts

Video 4 - How to use the blog/article wizard

Video 5 - How to generate an ebook or report

Video 6Saving login information

Video 7Managing bookmarks

Video 8Working with snippets

Video 9How to use the Prompt Explorer tool

Video 10How to extract your ChatGPT conversations to file(s)  and using the Chatlog Explorer

Video 11Script editor - full tour of all features

Video 12Image editor

Video 13Image library and getting image API keys

Video 14Audio/Video file to text tool and getting API key

Video 15How to translate content

Video 16How to spin content

Video 17How to cloak AI content

Video 18Using the content extractor tool

Video 19How to scrape content from given web link

Video 20How to convert a Youtube video to text

Video 21How to export to PDF

Video 22How to post content to WordPress

Video 23Text to speech tool and getting API key

Video 24 - How to send feature suggestions, feedback or testimonials from inside the software

Video 25 - How to use the Humanizer tool to help pass AI detectors

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