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Streamline Your Content Generation Using the Power of AI with No API  Fees & No-Limit Features!

With 20+ built-in tools, Script Atlas uses the power of AI to help you save time, reduce costs, and create top-performing content in just minutes.

Tap into the best AI content generating engines without paying ChatGPT API fees!

Welcome to the future of content creation!

Designed for both Windows and Mac, this sophisticated yet user-friendly desktop application is the ultimate toolkit for marketers, writers, and content creators of all kinds.

Hint: Several parts of this sales page were generated using features inside Script Atlas!

Cash in On the BOOMING Creator Economy worth $250 Billion!

The creator economy is GROWING at an exponential rate and is expected to DOUBLE in market size by 2027!

That's a WHOPPING Half a TRILLION dollars in just the next 3 years!

Creators are people that are involved with blogging, video marketing, social media marketing, creating courses, creating digital products, podcasting, being an influencer and so much more.

There Are Many Ways Creators Are Generating Income...

Affiliate Marketing

Selling Products

Selling Services

Selling Merchandise

Selling Digital Products

Selling eBooks

Offering Subscriptions


Ad Revenue

Mentorship Programs

Selling Courses

Collaboration Revenue

And so much more!

Take a look at the success of these content creators...

And NOW is the BEST time to break into the "Creators Economy" because you have a MASSIVE advantage by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence!

Introducing SCRIPT ATLAS

Get Instant Access to Endless Content Using 20+ Built-in Powerful Tools & Features

Your AI Content Toolbox

Catalyze Your Content Creation: Leverage Unprecedented Efficiency and Quality with Script Atlas

Zero ChatGPT API Fees

Unlike other platforms, with Script Atlas, you don't have to worry about API fees. Generate limitless AI content without additional API costs.

Multiple AI Engines

Use any AI engine you want! Don't be limited by only ChatGPT. Harness the power of Google Gemini, Bing Copilot, Chat, LLaMA by Meta, Perplexity, Claude AI or even create your own custom Ora chatbot!

No Limits

There is no elite, pro, or upgraded option with Script Atlas. You get everything with absolutely NO LIMITS what so ever and no hidden fees to worry about!

Your Data .. is Yours

Always have full control of your AI generated content on your own computer. Don't lose your data to the cloud and make sure your data is actually yours!

Boost Efficiency

Streamline your workflow by unifying content creation tasks in one platform, reducing the time spent switching between different applications and tools.

Improve Quality

Generate content that is grammatically correct, stylistically consistent, and tailored to your specific needs. This results in more engaging and effective content that can significantly enhance your marketing efforts.

Featured Comments from My Beta Testers

I still use your Pin Inspector software daily, but after testing Script Atlas, I'm now hooked on another of your creations! This software is a powerhouse, and I'm genuinely enjoying it. Thank you for allowing me to be a beta tester for such a brilliant product.

Michelle Dupois

Software beta tester

When I first saw the capabilities of Script Atlas, I was taken back. It seemed too good to be true that one software could deliver such a multitude of AI-based content creation features. But it did, and it does - seamlessly. I've said goodbye to my previous tools and fully embraced Script Atlas. Kudos to the appbreed team for developing such a versatile software!

Gabriel Pérez

Software beta tester

Script Atlas has redefined the way I approach content creation. From the snippet database to the integrated image editor, every feature is easy to understand. What I love most is the freedom from OpenAI API fees, a cost-effective solution like this is hard to find. I was lucky to beta test this game-changing software. Dave, you and your team have outdone yourselves with Script Atlas!

Trevor Krieger

Software beta tester

Customers are Absolutely LOVING Script Atlas

Generate 128 Scripts in 16 Categories

We packed in over 128 different scripts using innovated guided prompts allowing you to quickly generate unlimited content using the power of AI without extra API fees. Take all the guesswork out of trying to figure out the best prompts to ask your AI engine!


Articles & Blogs

Customer Service

Ebooks & Reports


Email Marketing








Social Media

Video Scripts

Website Copy

In Seconds You Can Create...

Google Ads

Facebook Ads

LinkedIn Posts

Instagram Posts

TikTok Scripts

YouTube Content

Amazon Content

Email Sequences

Landing Page Content

Affiliate Product Reviews

SMS Marketing

SEO Optimization

Customer Testimonials

Customer Support

Business Strategies


And SO Much More ...

Blog/Article Wizard
Blog/Article Titles
Paragraph Script
Blog/Article Ideas
Blog/Article Outlines
Short Blog/Article
Blog/Article Intros
Conclusions Script
Facebook Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Google Ads
General Advertisement
App and SMS Notifications
Social Media Content Plan
LinkedIn Post
Instagram Caption
X (Twitter) Posts
X (Twitter) Series
Trending Instagram Hashtags
Trending Twitter Hashtags
Pinterest Pin Title and Description
Quora Answers
Personal Bio
Long sales copy
Short sales copy
Optin Pages
Call to Actions
Feature/Benefit List
Company Bio
Find a Niche
Unique Value Propositions
FAQ Generator
Product Description
Product Titles
Product Features/Bullets
Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads Headline
Amazon Product Description
Amazon Product Features/Bullets
Amazon Product Titles
Personal Letter
Business Letter
Cover Letter
Reference/Recommendation Letter
Resignation Letter
Thank You Letter
Apology Letter
Complaint Letter
Invitation Letter
Content Rewriter
Rewrite with Keywords
Niche Ideas
Analyze Given Content
Investigate a Particular Niche
Generate Business Ideas
Generate Digital Product Ideas
Generate Physical Product Ideas
Generate Domain Name Ideas
Keyword Research
Get an Ebook Idea
Ebook Introduction
Create Chapters and TOC
Create Chapters
Ebook Conclusion
Create a Disclaimer
Ebook Call to Actions
Ebook Author Bio
SEO Meta Tags
SEO Meta Descriptions
Podcast Script
Podcast Interview Questions
Digital Product Review
Physical Product Review
Mini-VSL (Video Sales Letter)
YouTube Script
YouTube Titles
YouTube Hashtags
YouTube Tags
YouTube Descriptions
YouTube Hooks
YouTube Outlines
YouTube Outlines
YouTube Shorts
TikTok Video Script
TikTok Video Hooks
TikTok Video Ideas
Digital Product Video
Physical Product Video
Short Ad Video
Tutorial Video
Informational Video
Announcement Video
Generate a Business Plan
Ebook Headline and Subheadline
Facebook Ad Video
Email Subject Lines
Product or Service Promotion
News Announcement Email
Product Updates Email
Informational Email
Cold Outreach Email
Autoresponder Series
General Support Script
Product/Service Access
Support Solution for a Problem
Support Autoresponder Message
Engaging Questions
Creative Story
Summarize Text
Citations Generator
Quotes Generator
Tone Changer
Song Lyrics
Real Estate Listing Descriptions
PAS Framework
Review Responder
AIDA Framework
Product Names
Analogy Maker
Growth Ideas
Keyword Extractor
Listicle Ideas
Startup Ideas
Make it Easy-to-Read
Poem Generator

Simple Guided Scripts

Select the script you need, answer a few simple questions, and let Script Atlas pump out the perfect prompt for your favorite AI content engine.

With over 125+ scripts to select from, your content needs will never be restricted again!

We took all the guesswork out of the equation with our sophisticated prompt engineering engine. 

Never get stuck in ChatGPT or another other AI engine ever again!

ChatGPT is NOT The Only Kid on The Block!

The AI revolution is upon us and changing at break-neck speed. As a result, several AI content engines are hitting the market giving you more options to create the content you need. With Script Atlas, you are not limited to just ChatGPT, you can use any engine you want! And better yet ... with NO API FEES!

Get What You Need FASTER!

With the login tool, you can quickly get into your favorite AI engine super-fast using the innovative built-in web browser technology. Stop fumbling around 20 chrome tabs and stay focused on what matters!

Blog/Article Wizard

In an era defined by digital content, churning out captivating articles is crucial for both businesses and individual creators. But content creation is often easier said than done. The challenges? Time, inspiration, and structure. Enter the revolutionary Blog/Article Wizard feature of Script Atlas — a tool designed to simplify and elevate your content creation journey in 4 easy steps!

Powerful Script Editor

In the world of content creation, Script Atlas stands as a beacon of innovation, and at its heart lies the HTML Script Editor. This user-friendly tool caters to both expert developers and beginners, providing unmatched versatility and strength in today's digital age.

Get integrated tools that cater to your essential editing requirements like bold, underline, italic, strike-through, and 50+ more!

... And There's MORE!

The Script Editor is at the heart of Script Atlas giving you ALL the tools you need in one simple interface to craft the best version of your content in just minutes! Keep reading below to see even more powerful features waiting for you inside Script Atlas ...

Image Editor

Boasting a user interface that seamlessly blends simplicity with elegance, this Image Editor stands out as a comprehensive image editing tool. It offers editing, drawing, and typing features, complemented by an array of stunning image filters that you can apply all at once.

Integrated Functions


Precise Cropping in Seconds


Perfect Image Flipping


Effortless Angle Rotation


Freehand Drawing Magic


Shape Creation Simplified


Icon Integration Ease


Bold Text Additions


Stunning Filter Effects

Powerful Filter Functions






Sepia 2







Massive Image Library

Get Access to 18 Million+ Images and Icons!

To sweeten the deal even more, we have integrated FOUR major online stock websites!

Get 3 Million+ stock images from
Get 4 Million+ stock images from
Get 5 Million+ stock images from
Get 6 Million+ stock icons from

Now you have an endless number of images and icons at your fingertips from one single dashboard!

Experience Lifelike Text to Speech

Our Text to Speech AI goes beyond traditional voice generators. Understanding the emotion and logic behind words, it delivers context-rich speech with genuine intonation. This approach ensures seamless delivery of extended fragments in any voice.

Click play to listen


American, calm, young, female, meditation

We used Script Atlas to create a children's sleep story using ChatGPT from a built-in guided prompt script.

Then, generated the audio using our revolutionary built-in Text to Speech engine to output a truly amazing audio file.

TIP: Faceless YouTube videos for children's sleep stories is a popular niche that drives massive traffic!

Work Smarter & Faster!

With one click you can save your AI voice settings and quickly get the same results for your next project!

Changing the stability can make your AI voice have more or less expressions and the clarity/similarity helps keep the audio super clean sounding.

Having your best settings at the click of a mouse will save time for getting your projects done faster!

Split & Combine Technology

For longer output audio files, most services limit the number of characters for each audio generation. We fixed this problem.

In the text-to-speech tool, it will automatically split your content into separate chunks, generate each audio file and combine them into one file at the click of a button!

Get 39 High Quality AI Voices

Hearing is believing, right? Dive into our 39 AI voices using our built-in Text-To-Speech technology and prepare for an auditory delight! ... Listen to them below:


American, deep, middle aged, male, narration


American, well-rounded, young, male, narration


American, crisp, middle aged, male, narration


American, soft, young, female, narration


American, hoarse, middle aged, male, video games


Australian, casual, middle aged, male, conversational


English-Swedish, seductive, middle aged, female, video games


American, war veteran, middle aged, male, video games


British, deep, middle aged, male, news presenter


British-essex, conversational, young, male, video games


American, strong, young, female, narration


British, pleasant, young, female, children's stories


American, emotional, young, female, narration


American, calm, young, female, meditation


American, young, male, ASMR


Irish, sailor, old, male, video games


American, young, female


American, childlish, young, female, animation


English-italian, foreigner, young, male, audiobook


American, witch, middle aged, female, video games


American-southern, young, female, audiobook


American, anxious, young, male, video games


Australian, calm , old, male, news


American-irish, excited, young, male, narration


American, raspy , old, male, video games


British, middle aged, male, news


American, deep, young, male, narration


American, young, male, narration


American, warm, young, female, audiobook


British, middle aged, male, audiobook


American, old, male, audiobook


English-swedish, childish, young, female, animation


American, whisper, young, female, audiobook


American, shouty, middle aged, male, video games


American, calm, young, female, narration


Soldier, middle aged, male, audiobook


American, raspy, young, male, narration


American, pleasant, middle aged, female, interactive


American, calm, young, male, meditation

*Note: Our text to speech engine connects to the Eleven labs API. We have also designed our tool to connect to multiple free accounts allowing you to use the service absolutely free.

Translate, Spin, or AI Cloak Your Content all from One Tool!

Another powerful tool we built into Script Atlas, is the content translation tool. But this is no normal tool. We've figured out how to use the free online Google translation tool for translating UNLIMITED content in 109 different languages with NO API fees!

Spin & Cloak AI Content

The translation tool can also translate between 1, 2 or even 3 different languages!

This allows you to accurately spin content or cloak your AI generated content.

Convert an UNLIMITED number of words & characters! There are NO LIMITS.
Spins content by translating the text through several languages using the powerful Google Translator
Prevent search engines from classifying your content as AI generated!
Translate content using 109 different languages
Content is always human readable producing the best results!
No Google Translate API costs

Google & Bing Content Extractor

Top-ranked content on platforms like Google News, Google Search, and Bing Search gives invaluable insights into current trends and what audiences consider relevant. With the "Content Search and Extract Tool" you can quickly extract this gold-standard content at the click of a button!

... and then using the Power of Script Atlas to quickly format, rewrite and publish your unique content with push button ease! Why start from scratch when you can build on proven success? Dive into the future of content creation with Script Atlas.

Integrated Speech to Text

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, you can also convert YouTube videos, audio files, and video files to text at the click of a button!

Enter any YouTube video link and Script Atlas will instantly extract the text from the video!

Also, this feature auto-detects given captions in provided languages.

... and it works for YouTube Shorts too!

You can also convert audio or video files from your computer to text!

Creating endless content has never been easier! 

Convert to text, re-write with AI, spin and cloak your content ... all from one interface!

Content Delivery Simplified: Export to PDF or WordPress!

Unlock the true power of Script Atlas's versatility with our instant export feature. Whether you're compiling a comprehensive report or updating your WordPress site, our tool ensures a seamless transition. With just a click, convert your crafted content into a polished PDF or directly publish it to your WordPress platform. Simplify your workflow and maximize efficiency, ensuring your top-tier content gets published as fast as possible.

Two-Click Post to WordPress!

Posting to WordPress has never been easier! You can connect UNLIMITED WordPress sites to Script Atlas and post UNLIMITED content at the click of a button...

Massive Snippet Database!

Along side top-quality AI content generating tools, you also get access to a MASSIVE database of content ready to use at your finger tips. With 564,732 built-in content snippets in 9 categories AND 742 effective marketing prompts in 36 different categories. Your content resources are endless!

Your Personal Content Vault!

564,732 Content Snippets in 9 different categories
742 marketing prompts in 36 different categories
Use snippets to start your AI content generation faster
High quality content proven to convert
Send any snippet to the AI engine or script editor with one-click
Create custom snippets for ANY content you want!

Send Snippets to the Script Editor

Are you stuck looking at a blank document? Instantly send any snippet to the Script Editor from a massive array of options, ranging from compelling email subjects to magnetic headlines, and a reservoir of over half a million proven pieces!

Massive Content Arsenal: Access to a staggering collection, from 350,358 headlines to 2,135 power words.
Email Mastery: Craft attention-grabbing emails with 130,994 subject options.
Boost Conviction: Enhance trust and conversions using 73 powerful guarantees.
Engaging Questions: Spark intrigue and engagement with 48,285 pre-crafted questions.
Instant Testimonials: Craft compelling narratives using 287 testimonial pieces and 29 testimonial starters.
Capture Attention: Leverage 32,563 'how to' snippets to create informative and clickable content.

Script Atlas isn’t just a tool; it’s your AI-assisted compass in the expansive universe of content creation.

Send Prompt Snippets to the AI Engine Browser

With 742 built-in marketing prompt snippets, you can unlock the power of AI-optimized content creation. 

SEO Mastery: Optimize content with precision for unrivaled search engine visibility.
Engage & Convert: Use storytelling and Call to Action prompts for compelling narratives that sell.
Video & Content Excellence: Craft high-impact YouTube scripts, webinars, and sales posts seamlessly.
Stay Ahead of Trends: Gain a competitive edge with Competitor and Trend Analysis insights.
Maximize Conversions: Design landing pages and ads that resonate and drive results.
Business Blueprint: Streamline strategies with tailored business plans, proposals, and sales scripts.

Create Unlimited Snippets with Ease

Having your own personal vault of content is not only convenient but makes content creation faster & efficient!

With Script Atlas, you can create unlimited custom snippets from your favorites AI engine or even from the built-in guided prompts.

Plus, you can instantly save any piece or all content from the script editor to a custom snippet at the click of a button.

It has never been easier to quickly save your most important content pieces in one handy location to be used whenever you need it!

Export Your ChatGPT Content

Have you ever wanted to have all your ChatGPT threads on your computer instead of being stuck in the cloud? Well, we built a tool for that too! With one click you can save your ChatGPT conversion to an HTML file or send the content directly to the built-in Script Editor!

The Amazing Chatlog Explorer

Now, if you thought that was cool ... check this out! We also developed a tool for easily exploring ALL your ChatGPT conversations from one handy tool!

Import Multiple ChatGPT Data Files

We made it super simple to import all your ChatGPT data files. Simply drag and drop unlimited data files directly into the grid.

You don't even need to extract the content from your compressed data files. The Chatlog explorer will do that for you!

At-a-Glance Overview: View conversation details, including title, date, model, and message count, all in one easy-to-read data grid.
Date-Specific Search: Narrow down your search results with the handy date-filtering feature.
Lightning-Quick Search: Find relevant content across all chat history with a powerful built-in search feature.
Enhanced Chat Viewer: Read conversations with ease in an elegant layout that brings clarity to your chat history.
Efficient In-Chat Search: Use the built-in find tool to swiftly locate specific content within a chat conversation.

Easily Search Your Chat History

Use the built-in search feature for finding content in all chat conversation history at lightning-fast speeds.

Plus, you can search by any custom date range to get the chat history you are looking for much faster!

Beautiful Chat Viewer

Double-click any row in the data grid to instantly see the corresponding chat conversation inside a beautiful chat viewer.

Switch between HTML and plain text view
Quick one-click copy buttons for all messages
Click CTRL+F to quickly find any content in your entire chat conversation

Built-In Prompt Explorer

Are you tired of searching for the perfect prompt for ChatGPT or AI Image generators? Well ... just when you thought it couldn't get any better, we also built in a powerful Prompt Explorer tool with 20,125 pre-loaded prompts you can instantly use in your favorite AI content engine!

Blazing FAST Search

Stop wasting time fumbling around thousands of websites trying to find the best prompt for your marketing content. 

Instantly search all category and sub-category names
Instantly search all keywords inside prompts
Search within results using quick text filters

Import Unlimited Prompts

You can even import unlimited prompts directly into the prompt explorer. Create, remove, or modify any prompt category. Save all your favorite prompts at the click of a button.

It's never been easier to manage your personal prompt library using this one-of-a-kind tool. Stop wasting time and start getting the results you need fast!

Import UNLIMITED prompts
Create, modify, or remove any prompt category
Export or import prompt data files

Built-In Prompt Viewer

Simply double-click any prompt in the data grid to instantly see a preview of the prompt, then easily modify copy and paste into your favorite AI content engine in just seconds!

Instantly search all category and sub-category names
Instantly search all keywords inside prompts
Search within results using quick text filters

Humanize Your AI-Content!

In our latest software release we added the Humanizer tool which helps your ai-generated content appear more human-generated! With just one click, this tool strategically adds small imperfections at the same average rate most people make them. Grab Script Atlas today and start increasing engagement with life-like real human-generated content in just minutes.

But That's Not All!

During This Special Promotion We Are Offering Theses "Action Taker" Bonuses

You will also get a compiled list of top resources for driving free traffic and optimizing your marketing with AI into a set of bonuses only available during this limited-time discount offer.

Bonus #1

ChatGPT Workshop Training Videos

An Over-the-Shoulder Workshop demonstrating how to Integrate ChatGPT into Your Marketing Strategy

20 Easy-to-Follow short video tutorials
Videos provided with and without subtitles
Perfect for beginners and novices

(Value $39)

Bonus #2

410K+ PLR Articles in Over 1,500 Niches

Get a massive set of over 410k+ articles with private label rights allowing you to use as your own content or modify using any of the AI generating tools inside Script Atlas!

Massive collection of 413,435 articles provided in plain text files
Articles are available in a wide range of niches, spanning over 1,500 different categories!
Use these powerful articles in any way you want. Change them to fit your marketing strategy or create entire reports and ebooks using the power of AI.

(Value $199)

Bonus #3

10 AI & ChatGPT Videos

You’ll get access to 10 videos that cover topics such as making money online with AI, creating viral motivational shorts and reels for millions of views, and getting 100K Instagram followers in 30 days using AI.

1. 7 AI Side Hustles to Make Money Online ($100 per Day)
2. EASIEST Way to Make $1,000 Per Day With ChatGPT & MidJourney & TikTok (Even if You're a Beginner)
3. How to Create VIRAL Motivational Shorts & Reels for MILLIONS of Views
4. A New AI Business That No One Knows
5. A New Secret to Make PASSIVE INCOME With AI
6. How to get 100K Instagram followers in 30 days using AI (and monetized)
7. Make $583 Per Day Selling AI Products (Easy Side Hustle)
8. Starting a $500 per Day Side Hustle With AI
9. The EASIEST AI side hustle you can start in 1 HOUR (No skill, No Risk)
10. This Faceless Instagram Side Hustle Can Make You $30k per Month

(Value $69)

Bonus #4

Google AI Training

Unlock the power of AI-driven content creation with our exclusive bonus Google AI Training eBook. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about Google AI, from its fundamentals to ethical considerations and future trends. Whether you're struggling with writer's block or simply want to create high-quality, engaging content quickly and effortlessly, this eBook is the perfect companion to help you revolutionize your writing experience.

Get a 143-page info-packed eBook in both Word & PDF format
Get a "Top Resource Report" highlighting amazing videos and content about using the power of Google AI
Get another "Extra Resources Report" providing 16 additional videos giving more powerful information on how to properly monetize Google AI

(Value $49)

Bonus #5

10 Powerful PDF Reports

Supercharge your AI-driven income with our bonus bundle of 10 PDF reports. Discover actionable strategies for monetizing AI, from generative side hustles to selling AI art.

7 Ways to Make Money with AI
8 Generative AI Side Hustles to Boost Your Income
Become a Top AI Art Seller - 4 Ways to Make Money Selling AI Art
Easiest Way to Make $1,000 Per Day with AI & ChatGPT Even If You’re a Beginner
How AI Can Help Your Sites Rank Better
How to Make Money with AI Art - 8 Secrets Ways
How to Quickly Build a WordPress Website with ChatGPT
How to Sell AI Art - Complete Guide
How to Use AI To Generate More Traffic and Sales from YouTube
Using Ai + FREE Traffic And Make Money Online $100 per Day

(Value $69)

Bonus #6

Micro SAAS with AI

An ultimate guide for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners who are interested in starting a business using AI-powered chatbot software. This guide provides an in-depth explanation of the concept of Micro SaaS and the advantages it offers over traditional SaaS models, including potentially zero startup costs and ultra-low operational overhead.

Discover how to start your own Micro SaaS business with little to no startup costs.
Learn how to identify a unique value proposition that will set your business apart in the market.
Find out how to target niche markets that are eager for your product or service.
Learn how to avoid common pitfalls that can derail your business.
Get tips and strategies for creating a marketing plan to launch your business with confidence.

This bonus also comes along with 4 more free reports ...

Authority Influencer Checklist
Content Monetization Checklist
The Gain Logic Fear (GLF) Formula
The Simple Smart Sales (SSS) Formula

(Value $97)

Profit With Script Atlas in Multiple Ways!

There are literally 100's of ways you can earn extra income using the power of Script Atlas!

And So Much More!

More Featured Comments from My Beta Testers

Dave, I appreciate the opportunity to beta test Script Atlas. The AI content generation tools are incredibly comprehensive, providing a wide range of valuable data. The built-in blog/article wizard and content extraction tools were intelligent additions that I found particularly impressive. So far, my experience with the software has been stellar, and I genuinely hope it receives the recognition it deserves.

Janice Walker

Software beta tester

I am impressed with the sleek interface and the ease of navigation on Script Atlas. The built-in image library and editor were the standout features for me. I also love how the content spinner and title generator tools make creating unique content effortless. Many thanks to Dave and the team for this wonderful tool.

Kevin Miller

Software beta tester

Hello, Dave! I was initially taken aback by the breadth of features in Script Atlas, especially the massive snippet database and the quick access AI prompts. Once I understood how to leverage these features, it's been an absolute breeze creating and managing content. The AI-generated content saving feature is something I never knew I needed, and now I can't do without. Thank you for this opportunity!

Tammy Swansen

Software beta tester

Dave, you've done it again! With the expansion of our online presence, Script Atlas has been invaluable. The content extraction and translation tools, especially, are changing the way we generate and curate content. After understanding the full capabilities of the AI text to speech tool, I can't stop using it. You've certainly got another winner!

Liu Wei

Software beta tester

I've had the pleasure of beta testing several of Dave's software, and Script Atlas didn't disappoint. It's packed with features, yet remains user-friendly and intuitive. The blog/article wizard is my personal favorite. It's been a game-changer for my content creation tasks. Great work, Dave!

Abhijeet Khatri

Software beta tester

Testing new software always comes with its own set of challenges and bugs. Similar to Tube Atlas, I also found a few with Script Atlas, but within hours of contacting Dave, they were fixed! I'm not only impressed by the software's robustness but also by Dave's promptness in addressing issues. I said it before and I'll say it again, these guys are always a step ahead, and it's genuinely refreshing!

John Kulpiner

Software beta tester

Don't Miss Out on Your Limited Time Discount

Get Script Atlas Today

A powerful software that optimizes your content creation with AI-driven technology.

Special Offer for the Script Atlas Software

Get full access to the Script Atlas software with bonus computer installs and full commercial rights for...


128 AI Script Generator
AI Blog Article Wizard
500M+ Snippets Tool
Powerful Web Browser
Rapid Login Tool
Powerful Script HTML Editor
Built-In Image Editor
Massive 18M+ Image Library
AI Text-to-Speech Tool
Translate Tool
Content Spinner Tool
AI Content Cloaker
Google/Bing Extractor
AI Speech-to-Text Tool
Export to PDF Tool
Export to WordPress Tool
Built-In PDF Viewer
564,732 Content Snippets
ChatGPT Chatlog Explorer
Prompt Explorer with 20k+ Prompts
Humanizer Tool
Bonus ChatGPT Workshop Videos
Bonus 410K+ PLR Articles
Bonus AI & ChatGPT Videos
Bonus Google AI Training
Bonus 10 PDF Reports
Bonus Micro SAAS with AI
Commercial License
Outsource License
10 Computer installs
Video Instructional Training
24/7 Customer Support
FREE Software Updates

Generate 128 Scripts

Easily generate AI-optimized content with innovative guided prompts! Select from 128 different scripts.

Extract Top Google Content

Quickly extract top ranked content, then re-write and cloak using AI-powered engines!

No OpenAI ChatGPT API Fees!

Stop paying unnecessary API fees for your AI generated content.

ChatGPT Chatlog Explorer

Instantly search, filter, and view your ChatGPT conversation history in a beautiful interface!

Convert Text-to-Speech

Create unbelievable top quality AI generated audio with 39 different voices!

Additional Revenue

Sell content for thousands of dollars to clients who don't have the time to create it themselves. 

Extra Bonuses

Get extra bonus tools, PDFs, videos, and templates only available during this limited-time discount offer.

Special Discount

Get Script Atlas at the lowest price during this special discount. Don't miss out!

NEW Software!

There is no other software available that provides all these tools in one handy dashboard. Grab your copy of Script Atlas today!

NO Upsells!

There are NO upsells or additional offers after you purchase. You will be immediately redirected to the download page so you can get started right away!

About The Developer

Dave Guindon

B.Eng., M.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering
Software Developer/Webmaster
Online Marketing Entrepreneur

"From our family to yours, we thank you for your support and hope you and your family are safe."

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an affiliate program?

Will Script Atlas work on a Mac?

Yes, the software work on Mac computers. In fact, we will provide a completely native Mac application that doesn't rely on the outdated Adobe AIR platform.

What Mac OSX and PC Windows Versions are supported?

The software will work on Mac OSX 10.13 or higher including the 64-bit OSX, and Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 & 11.

Is there a Refund Policy?

Yes, absolutely. You have a full 30 days to try the software, and if you are not satisfied in any way, contact us here and our team will refund your payment right away.

Is this software cloud based?

No, the software is not cloud based. It's desktop software that runs on a Windows computer or a Mac Computer. Since the software is not cloud based, it will work MUCH better at extracting data using the power of your computer instead of sharing the data extraction with thousands of other users on a cloud-based server.

Are there any upsells?

No, there are no upsells. After you purchase the product, you will be immediately sent to the software download page so you can get started right away!

With  new emerging AI technology, will the software be continuously updated?

Yes, absolutely! We keep our software updated and always working with the latest technology. In addition, since Script Atlas utilizes a built-in web browser to connect to your favorite AI engines, this eliminates the need for keeping up-to-date with API integrations. Therefore, Script Atlas will always work year after year.

How many computers can I install on?

Normally, you can install the software on 1 computer that you own. But, during this promotion, you get an outsource license that allows you to install the software on 10 computers you own or for your employees, partners outsource team, or family.

How do I get support?

You can contact our support team anytime at our support help desk here

Are there any monthly or recurring payments?

No, there are no monthly or recurring payments. There is only a one-time payment to get instant access to the Script Atlas software.

Are Software Updates Free?

Yes, absolutely! You will receive all future updates for major version 1 absolutely free for life! We release between 30 to 80 updates spanning 1-2 years for a given major version. In fact, every time you open the software, it will automatically check for new updates and provide you with a download button.

Does this software run on my iPad or Android Device?

This software is not a mobile app and will not run on a mobile device running a mobile operating system such as an iPad, iPhone, or Android device. We are currently investigating the option to expand our software to mobile applications in the near future.

Are there really no API fees?

Yes, absolutely. Similar apps will force you to use your OpenAI API key (OpenAI is the company that owns ChatGPT) in order to generate AI content, therefore, causing a lot of unwanted & hidden API fees.

There are no OpenAI API fees when generating AI content using Script Atlas. The software uses a powerful internal built-in web browser allowing you access free online AI content generating engines. Why pay expensive API fees with other software when you don't have to?

With that said, there are several other built-in tools that require API access to different services, but we have selected services that provide generous free plans providing you with more than enough credits for getting access to the data you need.

Using Script Atlas will allow you to cancel most of your AI generating tools you're currently paying monthly for and save you $100's per month!

Do I need to have the paid ChatGPT account?

No, you are not required to have the paid ChatGPT plus plan to use Script Atlas.

Script Atlas uses a built-in web browser where you can get access to various free online AI engines. You shouldn't have to pay OpenAI api fees or any monthly fees when most AI engines are free to use.

In addition, we built in a bookmarks tool that comes pre-loaded with several online free AI engines. Simply click the bookmarks and they automatically load in the browser.

In fact, we recommend using Bing Chat because their AI engine already uses the paid GPT4 model in the ChatGPT plus plan as well as their own internal search data, and its free to use.

Get Script Atlas Risk Free!

Your purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, we will refund your purchase. Simply put, we don't deserve to accept your money unless you are completely satisfied with the product. We are taking all the risks for you, and you have nothing to lose! 

Start generating optimized content using AI-powered features with Script Atlas today!

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